artist's statement

So, ‘What does it mean?’ When it comes to my work, only the observer can know and then only for an instant. I want the surface to be the beginning of what you look at. What’s important is beneath, behind and under what you can see.

In the past, figurative painting was an incredibly powerful visual medium for storytelling, from illustrating religious doctrine, political beliefs, and social mores to exploring humor and fantasy. In today’s world, technology has given us far more powerful media for telling a tale, spinning a yarn or illustrating reality.

Artists express the circumstance and direction of the time that they are living in. Historically, all cultures have had materials, means and techniques of expressing their times very well. The possibilities in visual arts exploded with the advent of photography, the movies, television and now the Internet. Today the visual artist no longer need rely on specific images to represent current directions and concepts. They can work from within.

The distortion of an object is not what renders it abstract in the metaphysical or transcendental sense. My paintings are not intended to be abstractions from something since they have no reference to the material discernible world. So, I describe my works as non-figurative abstracts. Generally, they are not of something; they are something. They are what they are, an entity unto themselves.

The surface of my paintings, like the surface of the tar pit, are exactly that, the surface. Beneath the bubbling tar are millions of unseen stories of creatures struggling for survival. Hidden within the viscous pit is a physical timeline of history.

Behind or beneath the surface of my paintings are suggestions of depth, color, movement, line, temperature and weight that can evoke memories and feelings.

The meaning is what you can’t see, the existential melodrama. The important thing isn’t what it means but what it makes you feel. It should be the same as looking at a sunset or rose garden. Don’t analyze it. Experience, enjoy, and let it be what it will for you for the moment.