I believe a painting should be a conduit from the artist to the viewer, creating a connection between individuals over time and space. I have spent 50 years experimenting with styles, colour, surface and an ever changing assortment of materials and techniques. These along with life experience and analytical insight are all tools I use in my work.

Many of my early paintings fit neatly into categories of impressionistic and abstract landscapes. My current work is more often non-figurative dealing with concepts. My thoughts and actions emerge from the subconscious, resulting in multiple layers of acrylic and oil, brushed, rubbed, dripped, sprayed, scraped or scratched onto canvas or board which evolve over time into finished works.

These paintings may call to mind thoughts, ideas or memories, but are most successful when acting as a visual stimulus, triggering an emotional response, reminding the viewer for a brief moment of the human ability to be aware of ourselves and the universe around us.

You can read more about my artistic process in my artist's statement.

You can read more about my journey in my artist's autobiography.