Welcome to my online studio!

I create abstract art with a multitude of materials on assorted surfaces. I am often asked, ‘What does it mean?’

When it comes to my work, only the observer can know and then only for an instant. I want the surface to be the beginning of what you look at. The important thing isn’t what it means but what it makes you feel.

Explore the different art galleries inspired by my moods and world events. All the art is available to purchase directly from the online studio. Just click any artwork to see more information about medium, size and price. You can add it to your cart from the image page. You can continue to browse artworks or the books after adding items to your cart. Then when you’re finished browsing and ready to check out the site will ask for your payment and shipping information the finish your purchase.

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Abstract art should be the same as looking at a sunset or rose garden. Don’t analyze it. Experience, enjoy, and let it be what it will for you in the moment.